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Mar 06, 2017 Author: sharekcentre
A drone, a cold day and a desperate man

What do they have in common: a drone, a cold day and a desperate man?

It’s up to you to decide in one of our activities here at Sharek centre.

The idea at the core of it is to focus on the importance of storytelling for language learning as a manner of using meaningful language in a way that is creative, entertaining and memorable. Having a final product is in itself part of the learning process, as students can listen to their stories again and again, spot any mistakes, or decide to change part of the language they’ve used.

The idea behind the sample that is at the bottom of this post is quite simple.

We have a set of 4 loosely connected phrases:

1. A DJI phantom (a drone able to carry a small video camera.)

2. An automatic landing

3. A canal filled with ice-cold water

4. A desperate man.

The students have around 5 minutes to create a story using these phrases.

Finally, they have to make a video using the story that they’ve come up with.

Even though this might sound like the trickiest part, in reality it’s not, as it’s very easy to record a video with a mobile phone just by talking to the camera. It’s also not very complicated to download any free video editor, collect some pictures and paste them together, add the audio file that you’ve recorded and upload it on Youtube or to a blog or to any other webpage and finally share it with friends, fellow learners and colleagues.

I had fun making this video with my colleague Rahaf and I’m looking forward to use it in the classroom as soon as I can!



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