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Apr 10, 2017 Author: sharekcentre
Learning the Arabic script (2) Jog your memory

Hi, and welcome to the second week dedicated to learning the Arabic script.

For this activity you don’t need anything else but two sheets of paper, a pen, and a corridor.

It’s also the kind of activity that can be organized in a classroom, with teams of students, or that you can set up in the comfort of your home, by yourself.

You can begin by placing the two sheets of paper at the two ends of the corridor. You could place them on a surface, like a table, or stick them to the wall.

On the first sheet of paper, you’ll have previously written down the words that you want to learn how to write.

When you start, read from the page the first word that you want to learn. Take a mental picture of it, in order to memorize the shape of the letters, the way they attach to each other, those that connect and those that don’t and try to keep these details in your mind as much as you can. Now walk, or run (pay attention to the china cabinet) to the end of the corridor and write it down on the second piece of paper. When you’re done with the first word, run back to the first end of the corridor and memorize the second word in the same way.

Repeat until you’ve copied all the words on the second sheet so that at the end you should have two sheets with the same words written on them.

Once you’ve finished, it’s very useful to compare the two pages and see if you can spot any differences.

In this way, you can focus on your Arabic handwriting, and, hopefully, get rid of a few calories as well 😉




Comments (1)

احمد الشريف

This is good activity to put physical and mental energy to the classroom . I played it in the class but differently. Two students .The card layed down ( as you did) but one student ( from the class) say the word 3 times,two other students run and search for the word( on the table then write the word on the blackboard. The judge is another 2 students from the classroom. Repeat the game with other students( all students envolve).


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