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Aug 04, 2017 Author: sharekcentre
Working with emergent language at beginners level

What is emergent language and why is it important to language teachers? One way of answering is that emergent language is the language that comes out of casual communication...

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Jun 30, 2017 Author: sharekcentre
Just for the record..

In this week’s post, I’d like to share with you a technique that I’ve been using ever since I first started teaching English more than 25 years ago, and...

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Jun 23, 2017 Author: sharekcentre
المفردات في درس العربية للناطقين بلغات أخرى تعليمها وتعلمها

مفردات العربية قد تكون العامل الأهم والفاعل لاكتساب العربية نظراً لاتساع المفردات وغناها على كل المستويات اللغوية السياقية والاجتماعية ،وبسبب هذا التعدد و التنوع من الممكن القول أن القدرة...

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Jun 16, 2017 Author: sharekcentre
Zooming in and out in Arabic

For Sharek centre’s online Arabic classes we use a free tool called Zoom. This is a good name for it because it allows learners of Arabic anywhere in the...

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Jun 02, 2017 Author: sharekcentre
What’s in the Bag?

The other day I was lucky enough to go and see one of our teachers, Rahaf, in action, teaching a small group of upper-intermediate learners of Arabic. There were...

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May 26, 2017 Author: sharekcentre
التحدث التلقائي “احك لبلب” عبر الانترنت

من وظائف الموضوع والمهام في مهارات النقاش والتحدث إلى التحدث التلقائي في صف العربية للناطقين بغيرها. من كتاب ” تدريس العربية للناطقين بلغات أخرى وتطبيقاتها العملية ” يوسف عمر...

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May 19, 2017 Author: sharekcentre
7 deadly questions

As a low level learner of Arabic, I really appreciate it when the teacher asks me lots of questions. In fact I’d go so far as to say that...

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May 05, 2017 Author: sharekcentre
Arabic outside the classroom

There are some great ways to practice a second language and especially to remember new vocabulary even when we are not sitting at our desk, with the course book...

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Apr 27, 2017 Author: sharekcentre
Teaching the Arabic script through video conferencing software.

Quite often I hear colleagues who work in language teaching, and even some friends, wonder if it’s actually possible to teach online through video conferencing software, as online teaching seems...

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Apr 20, 2017 Author: sharekcentre

So, as promised, I’m going to publish a series of posts about retrieval exercises to help you to revisit, to recycle, and to reactivate (and lots of other words...

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