Full time immersive programme of Contemporary Arabic

Full time immersive programme of Contemporary Arabic  

Mode of attendance: 20 hours, weekly – 4 hours, daily
Duration: 3 or 6 months, next intake is September 2017
Level: beginner to advanced

Course description: Since native speakers of Arabic all over the world are generally able to communicate effectively with each other irrespective of where they live, we take this same holistic approach in the way that we teach Arabic language, focusing on language unity, whilst fully integrating Arabic varieties.
The diploma in immersive Arabic is a fully experiential, contextualised and communicative course providing an intensive Arabic language and cultural experience, and preparing you for a wide range of professional, social and academic challenges. It will enable you to communicate effectively in both formal and informal, spoken and written Arabic, appropriate to the context in which you find yourself.
In this course learners of Arabic will develop a high level of communicative competence and language awareness, improving in linguistic ability and skills, as well as in cultural knowledge. This happens through a strong focus on the use of language for specific purposes such as business Arabic, academic Arabic, Arabic for tourism, law, media and journalism.
Key features of the course: