Arabic Short Communicative Courses (2)

Course total hours: 24 hours
Mode of attendance: 2 hours, weekly/ evening, daytime or weekends
Duration: 12 weeks
Level: beginner to advanced

Next Term starts between 25th of September and 6th of octobre 2017

Arabic short communicative courses are general Arabic language courses from beginner to advanced levels for adult learners. The aim of these courses is practical communication to help build Arabic fluency and speaking with confidence. Our Arabic communicative classes are structured around daily life and include subjects ranging from literature and media to politics and the economy to health and social life. Our experienced teaching staff use syllabi and materials specifically designed and developed for Sharek Centre, including newspaper articles, magazine features, YouTube videos, movies and field projects to help students develop useful Arabic language skills. Designed to be engaging and social through shared dialogue and mutual exchange… (to read more go to the ‘Language’ page in the main menu – top right icon).