Edoardo Barzaghi

“Working for Sharek is extremely exciting and rewarding. It means being part of a community of passionate and experienced Arabic teachers who love sharing their knowledge with their peers. It’s a place where I can put language into action by teaching in a communicative way. Here I am free to elevate Arabic up from the grammar books and bring it back to the world, creating stories, making videos and using social media. It means giving language back to the learners; giving everyone the opportunity to build the skills that will help them achieve to their goals”

Edoardo has a PhD in Societies, Civilisations and Cultures of Asia and Africa. He delivered lectures about Modern Arabic Literature at Sapienza University of Rome and has published translations of Yemeni authors. Before joining our team of teachers and teacher trainers, he taught Arabic at the School of Education and Lifelong Learning at the University of Aberystwyth and worked as a teacher trainer for the TESOL programme in the same University.