Nick Bilbrough

“I’ve worked in lots of different schools, colleges and universities around the world but Sharek is definitely the place with the educational philosophy that is most in line with my own views about teaching and learning. It’s so refreshing to work somewhere which isn’t driven by administrators or out of touch academics, but rather by the simple yet powerful need to share language. I try to keep this in mind in everything that I do here”

Nick Bilbrough has been involved in the field of language teaching for twenty-five years and is a regular presenter at conferences worldwide. He has taught and trained teachers in many diverse contexts in Africa, the Middle East, South America and Europe. He is particularly interested in classroom interaction, and in materials light approaches to teaching such as storytelling, drama and dogme ELT. He is the author of two resource books in the Cambridge Handbooks for Language Teachers series; Dialogue Activities (2007) and Memory Activities for Language Learning (2011) and more recently Stories Alive (2016) published by British Council Palestine. He is also the founder and coordinator of the Hands Up Project, a charity which tells stories and teaches language online for young learners in refugee camps, and which is partially supported by Sharek Centre, London.