Language teaching through video and film

“Language teaching through video and film – making : a one day training for teachers of Arabic and MFL”

Sharek Centre is pleased to share with you this exciting one day training with Jamie Keddie, a leading expert on the use of video and filmmaking in language teaching. The course will focus on innovative ways to incorporate video material into classes, as well as strategies to enable learners to create their own video projects.

Jamie Keddie is a Barcelona-based teacher and teacher trainer. He is the founder of Lessonstream, a resource site for teachers dedicated to the use of video and other visual materials in the classroom. Jamie is an associate trainer at Norwich Institute for Language Education and the author of ‘Images’ (OUP 2009), ‘Bringing online video into the classroom’ (OUP 2014) and ‘Videotelling’ (Lessonstream Books, 2016).

Friday 3rd Feb 9:30am – 4:00pm
10 Bloomsbury Way, Holborn, WC1A 2SL

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