Registration is now open for our Summer Arabic teacher training programmes (TAFL & TAST)


Sharing knowledge and wisdom

Our training courses: Sharek Centre provides teacher training and professional development programmes for Arabic teachers, lecturers and educators in other contexts. We create bespoke solutions for newly qualified as well as experienced teachers, across a number of professional fields, including for: those teaching Arabic as a foreign language; those in government and diplomatic services; and those instructing at international schools worldwide. Sharek can also support organisations and schools in developing quality practises and curricula for their teachers.

Sharek Centre’s training involves: reflection on the professional practise of teaching; the honing of skills and knowledge to make the experience of Arabic language instruction and learning memorable for students; and understanding how to encourage dialogue in their own communities. At Sharek, we seek to enable educators to teach in real-life contexts in myriad rewarding and enriching ways.

Our staff are not just teacher trainers; they are also experts in the Arabic language, language teaching and Arabic studies. Sharek Centre is able to tap into a broad network of Arabic teachers and trainers globally, with many instructors boasting extensive experience teaching in schools and universities across the UK, the US and the Middle East.

Our training portfolio: In the same way that the seed of language learning is within us all, so too is the seed of teaching. This idea is reflected in the design and delivery of our teacher training and development programme. These 60-hour courses, spread over three weeks, are practical in nature and focus throughout on the skills, activities and knowledge required by teachers to work effectively with students in a language classroom.

Incorporating group discussions, demo lessons and microteaching, we prefer to avoid top-down, lecture-based approaches, preferring to acknowledge that trainee teachers themselves have much to add to the process, regardless of level of experience and qualifications.

The workshops focus on key areas, such as: expanding teachers’ language awareness; teaching grammar instruction; and demonstrating how to develop learners’ speaking skills. Following training, participants have the opportunity to put their learned skills into practise by teaching actual students. Experienced trainers observe these classes, while providing supportive and constructive feedback.

Our two bespoke teacher-training courses are offered in part-time and full-time schedules, and in face-to-face, virtual or blended formats.

Teaching Arabic as a Foreign Language (TAFL)

This course explores the particular teacher qualities, skills and knowledge required for instructing Arabic at universities, higher and further education institutes and language centres. Emphasis is placed on entertaining and effective approaches and techniques for teaching Arabic to second language adult and heritage learners.


Teacher-Training Programme for School Teachers (TAST)

This course explores the particular teacher qualities, skills and knowledge required for instructing students in international schools, government schools, Muslim community schools and supplementary schools. Emphasis is placed on understanding and delivering the curriculum in engaging and motivating ways to work with and for young learners.


Professional Development (PD) & Continuing Professional Development (CPD) Programmes

Sharek Centre strives to develop teacher-training programmes customised to the needs of each institution with which we work. To this end, we conduct a period of observation of the teachers working within their own classrooms before we create and finalise the course content. We encourage teacher self-reflection through peer observation, videoing of their own classes and participation in online discussions through our Web platform, emphasising that the course itself is simply the beginning of a process of professional development.


Preparing Arabic Departments for School Inspections

With extensive experience in the field, our trainers and consultants work with educational institutions to provide expert advice on relevant issues in order to help these centres reach and maintain the required standards for such inspection bodies as Ofsted, ADEC, KHDA and the Ministries of Education throughout the Arab world.