Sharing the flavours of the Arab world

The exchange of food and drink is at the heart of much of the Arab world as it is the embodiment of hospitality. As such, Sharek Centre’s café is much more than just an F&B outlet. We consider it to be the social and cultural hub for our Arabic learners and customers. At our café, we invite patrons to relax and partake in open forum discussions and debates about Arabic language, Arab culture, traditions, practises and more through sharing and interacting with Arabic-speaking people of different backgrounds and language proficiencies. The café will also allow leaners to meet up with Sharek Centre trainers and teachers onsite to seek advice, discuss projects, request recommendations and ask for help or clarifications when necessary. Customers can also enjoy Arabic TV programmes, Arabic music and news from the Arab world while indulging in some delicious MENA-inspired food and drink…read more