Teacher training programmes in Doha, Qatar

“Sharek Centre Teacher Training programmes to teachers of Arabic and English in bilingual context at international schools in Qatar ”

Sharek Centre is excited to share high quality reflective training and professional development programmes to teachers of Arabic and English at the Pearling Season, and other international schools, in Doha, Qatar.

At Sharek we believe that the strength of any organization lies in its people. Our training involves teachers in: reflection on their professional practice; the acquisition of the skills and knowledge to make the experience of Arabic language learning pleasurable and playful for their students; and learning how to help others to communicate in their community of practice. In simple terms we seek to enable teachers to teach in a real-life context in rewarding and enriching ways.

This interactive course is divided into three key areas – 1. language systems, 2. receptive skills and 3. productive skills. It provides a balance between workshops on practical classroom activities, and a strong theoretical underpinning.

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