Wassim Wagdy

“I teach Arabic as it is: a living, growing, changing, varied, complex, multi-tiered and expanding language. I try to make sure that after every class my students can do more with the language than when they started and that they are aware of the fact that they are learning. At Sharek I enjoy working with like-minded teachers. Here we focus on the learners and their needs. We believe learning Arabic should be a joyful activity for both the teacher and the student.”

Wassim has over 20 years experience in teaching Arabic as a foreign language. He taught Arabic at SOAS Language Centre, the University of London, from 2000 until 2008. In 2003 he set up and directed the Diploma in Communicative Arabic at the Language Centre, SOAS, where Arabic was taught with emphasis on competencies and functions, both standard and colloquial. He taught English–Arabic translation on the Master’s Degree program at the University of Westminster 2002-2008. He has worked for about 15 years as an examiner with the Institute of Linguists on the Diploma in Translation and the Diploma in Public Service Interpretation. He has wide experience in teaching Arabic at different levels to different learners including: professional translators; complete beginners; advanced students; spoken Arabic and Arabic for special purposes (medical and legal). Before joining Sharek, he worked as a full-time lecturer in Arabic at the University of Exeter (2015-2017). He has also worked as a translator for several United Nations agencies.