Sharek Centre

Certificate in Contemporary Arabic

A full time immersive programme in communicative Arabic.

Term I – 8 October – 10 December 2018 (10 weeks)

Term II – 14 January 2019 – 25 March 2019 (11 weeks)

Term III – 15 April – 24 June 2019 (11 weeks)

Programme description

The immersive Certificate in Contemporary Arabic is a fully experiential, contextualised and communicative course providing an intensive Arabic language and cultural experience. It prepares students for a wide range of professional, social and academic challenges. It will enable you to communicate effectively in both formal and informal, spoken and written Arabic.

The programmed is based on our unique holistic approach to the Arabic language which focuses on Language Unity of Arabic varieties (formal/informal; spoken/written; standard/colloquial).

The course emphasizes the communicative competences required for effective use of Arabic in a variety of Arabic speaking contexts.

There will be a strong focus on the use of language for specific purposes such as business Arabic, academic Arabic, Arabic for tourism, law, media and journalism.

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Who is this course for?

Whether a complete beginner or an intermediate learner you are welcome. If you are aiming to achieve fluency in Arabic and make maximum progress in a limited time frame this course is for you.


The programme will accommodate:

Learners aiming to achieve a high level of spoken and written fluency in Arabic in a short space of time.

Learners wishing to study Arabic language and culture in a communicative, interactive and motivating environment.

Professionals who need Arabic in their related fields.

Heritage learners and near native learners wishing to forge connections with their Arabic backgrounds.

Students wishing to undertake an access course prior to further academic studies in a related field.


Full time Immersive Programme

Course total hours: 640 hours

(480 hours of teaching and 160 hours of supervised immersive learning)

Mode of attendance: 20 hours weekly

Course Fees: £7000 (promotional price for full payment: £6300)

Term I: £2200

Term II: £2400

Term III: £2400


Key Features of the Course

Structured classes with experienced, well trained and highly-qualified teachers

An engaging and learning-rich environment

An innovative teaching approach consisting of individual, pair, and team based activities

A strong emphasis on ‘learning through doing’

Contextualised learning incorporating role plays, simulations and free discussions

Regular out of class projects and guided homework tasks

Presentations, interviews and performances

The opportunity to be placed in a homestay with an Arabic speaking family (subject to availability and arrangement)

Provision of opportunities for work experience in an Arabic speaking environment

Visits to Arabic restaurants, Arabic TV channels, culture centres and various locations and events in London

The opportunity to visit an Arabic speaking country to practice, interact, connect, and network with people living there (additional cost)

Free participation in all Sharek Centre’s special events

Personalised support, feedback, help and advice from our teachers and tutors

The certificate in Contemporary Arabic is benchmarked to the Common European Framework for Reference to Language Learning (CEFR). Students who start at the beginners level will achieve the B2 level at the end of the course.